Veteran’s Day 2011

By , November 11, 2011 3:09 pm

Here are a few of my favorite vets that I was honored to serve alongside…

Mustang, my first Platoon Sergeant... this man taught me how to be an officer.

My crew... Bags and Bourlier. They put up with me for sure. Yes, that's me with the cheesy grin.

CPT J, my first commander... Instead of go home he'd say, "Piss off, Alyssa." Love it.

Mike, a most loyal friend.

My S1 peeps, oh the stories!

A few from my Company, good troops. Again, I'm in the middle with the cheesy grin.

1SG Red... took a lot of convincing to get him in that hat.

My big brothers, Daryl and Travis.

Last but not least... the Colonel or Dad.

There are so many more that I just don’t have pictures of, so to all of you amazing veterans, God bless you!

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