The Terrific Twos

By , August 19, 2010 10:05 pm

Zeke discovers mascara and mineral make-up

Just after Bubba turned 2, my mother-in-law warned me of Haus’ terrible twos.  A bull in a china closet, she said.  Bubba, however, breezed through his twos as a sweet, complacent little boy.  With one small warning look, he immediately avoided trouble.  Bull?  Ha!  I remember thinking Haus couldn’t have been that rambuncious because raising Bubba as a two-year-old was pretty easy.

Then Bubba got a little brother.  A handsome, funny, stubborn little brother.  From the moment Zeke discovered his free will, he’s been using it.  Oh MAN has he been using it!  Loving my little bull Zeke can be trying.  I don’t particularly love when he spreads baking soda across the kitchen floor or squeezes a half a tube of A&D ointment down carpeted stairs or powders the master bedroom rug, sheets, and his p.j.s with dark purple mineral eye shadow.  Did I mention that was all in the last three days?  This kiddo splits his lip at least once a week trying to escape to the nearby park or mimicking big brother. Yesterday, I made my first call to poison control.  I stepped out of my three minute shower to find him chugging a bottle of children’s Benadryl.  How he got into the medicine cabinet and took off the “child-proof” cap in those three minutes is beyond me.

You’d think I don’t watch the kid.  How in three days could he possible spread more than three different substances on our carpet and swig Benadryl?  I think velcroing him to my body is about the only way I can guarantee he won’t get into something.  I recently laughed over the phone as a girlfriend described her solution to her curious second child.  She said she strapped him in a baby sling to her body whenever they left the house.  I’m just about there.  The kid laughs at spankings and uses the N.O. word regardless of the circumstances, even when he means yes.

Believe it or not, I love both of my sons equally.  They are very different, but that’s one of the main things I love about them.  Zeke is demanding, but he’s also a generous hugger.  He’s fearless, but my sensitive snuggle-bug.  I think God blessed him with soft blonde hair and those deep blue eyes because He knew with one little lopsided grin I’m able to forget his challenges.

So here I go into Zeke’s terrific twos.  My little fireball is turning two on Tuesday.  As I repeat to myself, he’s making me into a better mom, he’s making me into a better mom, I remain positive that Zeke and I are up for an amazing year.  Happy birthday to my baby boy, my crazy, independent, spirited little boy.  Oh and by the way, he survived the Benadryl… he’d spilled enough on his shirt that it’s only side effect was a very long nap.

Do you have a monster… ahem, independent kiddo at home?  If so, I’d love to hear about them!

Happy Birthday, Zeke!

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4 Responses to “The Terrific Twos”

  1. Deborah says:

    Parick and I used to pat ourselves on the back about what great parents we were… until #2 (Caleb) arrived! Daniel was so easy, just like your first. But with Caleb we are constantly asking, “Can a day, just ONE day, go by without you destroying something? And it’d be nice if that ‘something’ WASN’T your little brother!” But he’s also our cuddler, generous-with-I-love-yous like your #2 is. He turns four soon and we are starting to see baby steps of progress. Eli who just turned 2 is starting to exhibit quite the independent streak so we’re strapping in for another ride!!

  2. Christy says:

    Alyssa I had to laugh at your descriptions. Our Isaac is 27 months now. . . .and although he does not destroy stuff (he HATES messes. . . not sure where that came from), he has discovered the art of whining. . . . OH MY GOODNESS-HELP ME!! I cannot tolerate whining-it gets on my last nerve in about 2 seconds. I pray for patience and it seems the whining gets worse! Not my idea of teaching me patience, God!

  3. La Donna says:

    Sis, you are so talking about our Belle. And she is about to turn 4 . . . hope you don’t have two more years of crazy. I am working lately (since a sermon on Sunday struck a cord w/ me) on disciplining her less and working on me more . . . not looking for the right methods to fix her, but working on being a better mother to her and, hopefully, that will play out as her trying to model that. Not sure exactly how this all looks . . . but willing to allow God to work on me for awhile.

  4. Alyssa says:

    Thanks, ladies. LD, I think you’re right. The less I worry about how Zeke is “supposed” to be, the more I relax and he relaxes. I’ve also recently discovered that his attitude is directly related to how much time we spend at home. Crazy schedule and activity equals crazy Zeke, while staying at home and doing family stuff he’s a dream. Thanks for the encouragement!

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